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Italian Mediterranean Wood Iron Wall  Sconce


Luminoso Wall Sconce

Wood Iron Wall Sconce Luminoso mano escolpito is hand-forged with wrought iron and hand-carved from ash wood comes with resin candle covers and the deep carving shows the talent of the artist only seen in the old world and at this modern times is extremely hard to find lighting like this since everything is mass produced by machines, and if you had been to Europe you will definitely appreciate this wood iron sconce with Mediterranean style, and the elegance and uniqueness of this indoor wall sconce with one hundred percent handcrafted this Mediterranean hand-carved indoor wall sconce will be a great addition to your interior decoration and with a beautiful illumination

Size Large
Colors 20"H x 18"W x 6”D
Antique Bronze LMS2AB
Antique Copper LMS2AC
Aged Metal LMS2AM
Rust Brown LMS2RB
Rust Copper LMS2RC
Satin Black LMS2SB
Oil Rubbed Bronze LMS2OR