About Us


We established Iron Gallery, LLC offering our products to savvy Architects, Designers, historical remodelers, and Homeowners who are looking for the artistic and authentic old world looks for their projects. With more than three generations of experience and specialized artisans showing their talent in our products with distinct designs, craftsmanship, attention to detail that makes the difference our indoor and outdoor wrought iron lighting by using solid materials hand-forging the metal and scrolls given the product the unique look of a handmade product, since not only the solid materials will give the arts and crafts looks and the durability.


Made to Order Products
Our products are made to order, giving the advantage and flexibility to our customers to customize their order.


Customer support
We provide customer support to our clients with metal components, materials, and scales on new designs or custom orders.


Attention to Detail
After all, rustic does not mean bad craftsmanship, where you can see welding spots or grinding marks.
Our fixtures are handcrafted individually, final size may vary between batches, and since we use solid materials the lights are much heavier than conventional lights on the market