Hand-forged Wrought Iron Chandeliers and Lighting

Wrought Iron Chandelier


Wrought Iron Lighting


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Wrought Iron Chandelier and Lighting


Welcome to Iron Gallery, LLC, in Austin Texas. We design and handcraft architectural lighting for indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial applications. Our products are made from wrought iron using robust hand-forged solid materials. We also use hand-carved wood and repousee copper materials that give our lighting collection the unique look of a European old world hand-crafted product. Our outdoor collection is inspired from a wide variety of architectural landscapes; from small European towns to its big cities in Spain, Italy, France, England, Germany, Austria, and The New Spain architecture. Some of our large selection of outdoor products include iron wall sconces wrought iron chandeliers, flush mount wrought iron lighting, pendant iron lights, column mount fixtures, and architectural post fixtures. Our indoor lighting collection includes iron wall sconces, foyer iron lights, bathroom iron lighting, kitchen wrought iron chandelier, staircase iron chandeliers, pendant lights, and other lighting designs inspired by some of our customers that create one of a kind product. Our collections consist of many designs from several Spanish architectural periods, Mexican Hacienda lighting, Spanish Colonial, Colonial California, California Mission, Mediterranean Revival, Mission Revival, Italian Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau, French Mediterranean, French Chateau, Art Deco, Medieval, Provincial, English Medieval, Gothic and Tudor, Spanish periods, as well as the Spanish revival period, Spanish Morrish. You will notice the difference in the quality of our hand-made products from others that are mass produced. It is why our products look so rich and will make a difference to your project. Our unique designs will give your project that distinguished look you are searching for and we will work with you to create a specific vision in mind. We hope you enjoy browsing our catalog and find our products to be what you are looking for.