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Wrought Iron Chandelier Cadiz


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Cadiz wrought iron chandelier


Wrought iron Chandelier Cadiz with 8 lights is hand-forged from wrought iron with hand-made leaves candle plates and finishes up with 2” resin candle covers, with candelabra sockets, Cadiz wrought iron chandelier is also available with 2- or 3 tiers with the option of 12 and 14 lights with larger, diameter showcasing Cadiz with antique bronze finish and resin covers, this chandelier comes with 3-l/f of custom made chain and canopy, Cadiz is the perfect design to showcase in your Hacienda or Spanish revival indoor lighting project, the single tier size will go well in you living room while the 2 tiers will be a perfect fit for your great room and the three tiers is the perfect size for entryway foyer

Size Large
Colors 32” H x 48” D
Antique Bronze CZC8AB
Antique Copper CZC8AC
Aged Metal CZC8AM
Rust Brown CZC8RB
Rust Copper CZC8RC
Satin Black CZC8SB
Oil Rubbed Bronze CZC8OR