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Spanish Wrought Iron Vanity Wall Sconce


Asturias vanity iron wall sconce

Vanity iron wall sconce Asturias with 3-lights with hurricane glass shades will be a nice decoration and a great illumination source for your bathroom vanity area, Asturias has a unique design of the Spanish Hacienda period, this vanity sconce is a great complement of a wide mirror, the width of the vanity will help scale back your mirror to your vanity area, this vanity iron wall sconce is set up with candelabra sockets, which are led compatible, and is available with multiple finishes, to review available color finish you can go to our finishing touches to get more details, showcasing Asturian vanity sconce with antique copper finish, Asturias is also available with a single light wall sconce to go besides your mirror this single sconce shown on the third image, and is also showcasing in antique copper finish, by clicking on the image will take you to the spec page for more information

Size 3-lights 2-lights
Colors 11H x 30W x 11D 11H x 20W x 10D
Antique Bronze PVL3AB PVL2AR
Antique Copper PVL3AC PVL2AC
Aged Metal PVL3AM PVL2AM
Rust Brown PVL3RB PVL2RB
Rust Copper PVL3RC PVL2RC
Satin Black PVL3SB PVL2SB
Oil Rubbed Bronze PVL3SB PVL2OR