Wrought Iron Bathroom Lighting


Vanity Lights, Chandeliers, Ceiling Lights, Wall Sconces


Bathroom Lighting


Wrought iron bathroom lighting

Wrought iron bathroom lighting, our lighting collection is handcrafted using solid wrought iron and consist of several types of light fixtures like vanity lights with a unique design and hand-crafted using wrought iron,  you will also find vanity lights, wall sconces, to place by each side of your mirror, small chandeliers the you can use in your powder room, and flush mount ceiling lights the will nicely decorate your bathrooms and powder room given your personal touch, our collection includes designs for a French, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish, and Hacienda style decoration, with the ability to alter the sizes to fit your interior space and combine multiple accents within the same wrought iron team, giving your bathroom and powder room the right charm and unique decoration style