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Alexa Wall Mount


With Mediterranean outdoor lighting Alexa wall mount shows a great character of a hand-forge light fixture and will enhance your outdoor decoration, Alexa is also available for pendant, flush mount, and column mount style, this fixture comes with seedy glass and a single medium base socket or a GU-24 socket for the title 24 build code in the state of California, other architectural glass options are also available for this fixture, please view other glass choices at out finishing touches page.

Size Large Medium Small
Colors 42H x 16W x 26D 32H x 12W x 22D 27H x 9W x 15.5D
Antique Bronze AW1AB AW2AB AW3AB
Antique Copper AW1AC AW2AC AW3AC
Aged Metal AW1AM AW2AM AW3AM
Rust Brown AW1RB AW2RB AW3RB
Rust Copper AW1RC AW2RC AW3RC
Satin Black AW1SB AW2SB AW3SB
Oil Rubbed Bronze AW1OR AW2OR AW3OR